Matthew Snowden

Inspired by the rugged unspoilt Celtic landscapes of our west coasts and islands, Matthew has become one of the most original and sought after landscape artists working with acrylics in Wales.
His paintings executed with a palette knife and applied in thick layers, show a unique and outstanding technical skill, not easy with such a fast drying medium such as acrylic.
His use of colour and thick texture, add life and vibrancy to the finished works, a fact that can best be appreciated when viewing the paintings on the wall from a small distance back.
For the past 20 years Matthew has been a full time artist, and has exhibited widely in Wales and in London and Paris. He is also represented by Galleries in Cardiff, Chester and Surrey.

This year an example of Matthew’s work was purchased from Galeri to add to the National Collection, at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, representing further recognition of the strength of his art.