Ceri Pritchard

The eldest son of two of Wales’ finest artists-Claudia Williams and the late Gwilym Pritchard-Ceri Pritchard’s work is arresting and otherworldly. Still little known in Wales after many years living abroad, we have a new selection here at the Galeri.


Ceri has a unique style that blends the surreal and the visionary. Dream-like and rich in colour, his work explores the landscape of the subconscious mind while drawing on influences as diverse as music, technology and mythology.

Born in 1954, Pritchard studied sculpture at Liverpool School of Art before enrolling at Saint Martin’s School of Art, where he continued to sculpt. He started painting in France in the 1980s and continued to paint during his years in Mexico. His time in each country has help to shape his work. The most significant change took place a few  years ago when he moved from exploring the borderline between figuration and abstraction to creating more clearly figurative work.

This work may be figurative, but it plays with familiar forms, creating surreal and often unsettling deviations from the world around us. Human and animal elements combine, bodies disintegrate and otherworldy figures are juxtaposed with mundane household items. It’s disorienting, arresting glimpse of a world that seems to lie beyond, but also interpenetrate our reality.