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Diane Evans

Born in Surrey, Diane trained at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford.

She uses oil paint on canvas and her main interest is colour. Much of her abstract work is based on the relationship between hues. Complementary hues close in tone use reverse sequencing and repetition in order to bring about colour fusion. More innovative work is influenced by Moorish art and geometry.

Her still lifes are a meditation on everyday objects. When she started incorporating African and Oceanic sculptures she found that she was dressing them up in clothes and then animals and birds began to appear. She was painting more and more from her imagination.

The current series of paintings concentrates on coloured heads within a square format. There is an underlying structure of squares and she is aware of the circle within the square. She is constantly turning her canvas as she paints in order to relate colours without subject matter getting in the way.

Living on the beautiful Llyn Peninsula Diane also enjoys painting the landscape. She likes to paint in front of nature being aware of the underlying structure and aims for harmony and a kind of visual poetry.


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