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Becky Thorley-Fox

Originally from Cheshire, Becky moved to the West coast of Wales in 2010. Here she finds a constant source of inspiration from the natural landscape and its diverse wildlife. The rugged coastline, islands, estuaries, mountains, as well as the garden and local countryside, are the places she most enjoys capturing the light, atmosphere and wildlife. 


Becky specializes in oils, carrying a lightweight pochade box and easel out into the landscape along with a telescope or binoculars to capture wildlife ‘en plein air’. 


"I love the challenge and excitement of working from a constantly changing scene, enjoying the freshness and spontaneity it brings to my work. Painting from nature leads to a constant study of tonal and colour relationships under the changing light conditions. No two days are ever the same.  Every painting represents a unique period spent in the landscape – a sensory record of a specific mood, time, and place". 

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