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Beth Horrocks

North Wales artist Beth Horrocks was raised on Anglesey, spending her formative years exploring and investigating the beauty of her surroundings. From a young age she was particularly mesmerised by the power and grace of the coastal vistas that formed the backdrop to her childhood.

The motion of the waves, the sounds as they crash into the shore; the variable aspects of something so transfixing has continued to play a large role in her life.

The natural world is adept at portraying innumerable moods and intensities, and these depths of emotion have found their way into Beth’s depictions of North Wales in her artwork.

After graduating with a Graphic Arts degree in 2003, Beth became a graphic designer working mainly in the water-sports sector. As a by-product of working for 16 years in the computer aided design industry, the graphic pen and tablet has transformed the way she works. Beth no longer relies solely on sketchbooks and pencils, paints and mixed media to realise her ideas; Instead her style has evolved alongside the freedom that technology has given her art.

"I love the great outdoors and see my work as a celebration of Wales.’ outstanding natural beauty. I am particularly interested in the relationship people have with the coast, and how we utilise it to keep our minds and bodies healthy” - Beth

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