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David J Porter

David has successfully divided his career as a freelance designer and as a professional artist. 
His main concentration is contemporary landscape, achieving a semi-abstract - part representational composition. Inspiration comes from his many walks in the country and visits abroad which he sketches often in charcoal and acrylic, then re-assess the subject in the studio. By applying blocks of vivid colour in such a way as to ‘suggest’ parts of the landscape he stimulates the onlooker’s
imagination to interpret the landscape in a different way.
He professes not to maintain a single style but prefers ‘chance’ to dictate the path to be taken.

Recently David explored the figure in mundane situations adding a contemporary look.
David is continually moving boundaries in his work by keeping the process in a state of flux.

To date he has exhibited successfully in solo and group exhibitions in numerous galleries also achieving recognition in:Laings Regional Finalist./Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Finalist./Also exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea/ Chelsea Art Fair and the Edinburgh Art Fair.
Work in private collections throughout United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.


“Painting for me starts with an immediate response,
possibly seeing the effect of light on the landscape, a
cluster of trees or contrasting shapes & figures.”

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