Clay Richard Ceramics

Artist Statement

It's common to many cultures that people are more often known by the name of their farm or what they do than their surname, such as Dafydd Dolwrgan or Os Bara (Os bread). And so it is with me: Richard is who I am, clay is what I do.
I'm an accidental artisan and fell into making buildings from clay purely by happenstance; a seemingly random sequence of opportunities that led to me making a living from enjoying myself. 
I have no formal training as a ceramicist, other than a half-hour's instruction on the 'score and slip' technique and how to programme a kiln. My knowledge, such as it is, comes from a lot of playing and then seeing what happens. My favourite quote (though I can't remember where I saw it)  is:
​"This is ceramics, there are no certainties."

We have a range of beautiful handmade ceramic buildings and cottages which demonstrate the architectural articulation of rural Wales.