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Nick Ashby

By using Welsh Cambrian, Slate, Welsh jasper & metals indigenous to North Wales, Nick Ashby hopes to bring to life a geological history.
Welsh, Cambrian Slate features some beautiful patterns. formed 450 million year ago, this coincides with the building of the Snowdonian Mountains in North Wales
Wales has Jasper among it's rocks. Mined on Pen Llyn & Anglesey until the 1930s; this striking red rock has many qualities. It can exhibit a translucent surface when polished. It can also contain pyrite & quartz.
Related to the jasper is a Green Glassy Chert, which I have a small source of. The jasper was formed when iron rich sand was melted in volcanic lava, the chert was formed when the lava erupted out onto the sea bed some 570 million years ago.
Two different histories, two different rocks; Slate from Gondwanaland, Jasper etc from Laurentia...two different continents with the Iapetus Ocean in between.
Gondwanaland: England & Wales, Africa, Australia, South America, Antarctica & India
Laurentia: Now North America & Greenland but also North West Scotland & Anglesey


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